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A show that includes pop culture, current event, celebrity news. Actors, Musicians, Entertainers and Pop Culture icons. Hosted by The Voice of Champions Jim Cooley and BIG E Eric Smith. The guys talk About everything with a lean on pop culture. Tons of celebrity interviews.
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Jan 26, 2016
TRR #18 - Debra Christofferson - Carnivale NYPD BLUE

The guys discuss the Oscars, Straight Outta Compton, The Smiths and more! 

We delve into wether or not the Oscars are Racist.

Buckler Brings It The Oscar Edition

And NYPD BLUE's (PAA Geri Turner) Debra Christofferson Stops by as Jim Continues His Goal Of Interviewing Everyone From His Favorite Show!


Dec 29, 2015
TRR #15 - Tom Wopat AKA Luke Duke

The guys discuss Stars Wars reaching a Billion Dollars in Record Time, The Rubiks Cube Lawsuit, Janet Jackson and more. 

Later Tom Wopat stops by for a chat! Luke Duke himself discusses his new Christmas Album and his time on the Dukes of Hazard! 


Dec 26, 2015
TRR #14 - Dan Dotson - Storage Wars

The guys discuss Steve Harvey and the Miss Universe Pageant, Movies, Entertainment and more.. 

Dan Dotson of Storage Wars Stops By For A Chat About His Career. 

Buckler Brings It is a Star Wars Themed Event this week!

Aug 1, 2015
TRR #3 Les Gold - Hardcore Pawn

After talking about the weeks events and all the hollywood news... The guys sit down With the owner of American Jewlery and Loan in Detroit, Les Gold. They discuss his book and his career as a pawn broker.