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A show that includes pop culture, current event, celebrity news. Actors, Musicians, Entertainers and Pop Culture icons. Hosted by The Voice of Champions Jim Cooley and BIG E Eric Smith. The guys talk About everything with a lean on pop culture. Tons of celebrity interviews.
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Feb 17, 2016
TRR #20 - Ann Cusack - A League Of Their Own

Jim, Matt and David bring the heat this week on numerous topics. 

The Grammys, Pee Wee Hermans Return, Kanye and more!

Ann Cusack Joins us for a discussion about her career!

She Has Appeared in such films as:

A League Of Their Own




Feb 1, 2016
TRR #19 - John Kapelos - The Breakfast Club - Seinfeld

Matt Roblez Takes Over As Host For This Episode..

The guys discuss various topics this week including Nutrition, Television, Movies and Music.

Later Janitor Carl Reed from The Breakfast Club AKA John Kapelos Stops by for an hour long chat! 30+ year career in such films as Weird Science, Stick It, Sixteen Candles and more!

David Buckler Brings It!



* Some of the Audio this week had trouble.

Dec 10, 2015
TRR #13 - Jen Lilley - Days Of Our Lives

The guys discuss Melanie Griffith, Remakes of Dirty Dancing and Full House, A possible Top Gun Sequel without Tony Scott. 

Later David Buckler Stops by for a live BBI. 

Jen Lilley talks about her new CD Tinsel Time, Her time on Days of our Lives and all of her charitable work. 

Nov 20, 2015
TRR #10 Michael Beck - The Warriors (Swan)

The Guys Discuss Charlie Sheen announcing his HIV Status, Ronda Rouseys brutal Knockout and much more.

Michael Beck who played SWAN in the cult classic Walter Hill film The Warriors stops in for a chat.

David Buckler brings it LIVE!

A huge announcement is made regarding the Announcer Mafia and Cauliflower Alley.

Oct 17, 2015
TRR #6 - Andrea Thompson NYPD Blue

This week the guys talked to Andrea Thompson but part of the interview was missing from the audio file.

Episode number 6 of THE REAL! A great episode with the return of Buckler Brings it. Hosted By Matt Roblez and Jim Cooley

Oct 9, 2015
TRR #5 - Don

The guys discuss GTA, Movie Sequels and more.

David Buckler comes in with the second edition of Buckler Brings it. He probes the guys about wether or not Michael Keaton is underrated and wether Al Pacino is overrated.

Later the guys get up close and personal with Actor/Martial Artist Don "The Dragon Wilson. They discuss his career which Martial arts movie stars are legit and which are not! Later Don speaks bout health, obesity and the Nick Diaz NSAC Suspension.