The Real Reel Show

A show that includes pop culture, current event, celebrity news. Actors, Musicians, Entertainers and Pop Culture icons. Hosted by The Voice of Champions Jim Cooley and BIG E Eric Smith. The guys talk About everything with a lean on pop culture. Tons of celebrity interviews.
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Nov 29, 2015
TRR #11 - Scott Schwartz - A Christmas Story

The guys discuss Film, Television and the state of entertainment.

Later Scott Schwartz - Flik from A Christmas Story stops by. He discusses his starring role in the film The Toy opposite Richard Pryor and Jackie Gleason, His Career, Sports Cards and shares some WWE Road Stories.

Later Buckler stops in for an interactive edition of Buckler Brings It!

Nov 20, 2015
TRR #10 Michael Beck - The Warriors (Swan)

The Guys Discuss Charlie Sheen announcing his HIV Status, Ronda Rouseys brutal Knockout and much more.

Michael Beck who played SWAN in the cult classic Walter Hill film The Warriors stops in for a chat.

David Buckler brings it LIVE!

A huge announcement is made regarding the Announcer Mafia and Cauliflower Alley.

Nov 11, 2015
TRR #9 - Bill Allen - RAD Cru Jones

The guys discuss current events and entertainment.

Later Cru Jones himself Bill Allen stops by for a visit. Bill discusses his classic movie RAD as well as his friendship with Brandon Lee son of Bruce Lee. His book and upcoming projects.

Later Buckler brings it and the NETFLIX PICKS ARE IN!

Nov 11, 2015
TRR #8 - Susan Olsen and Betsy Weiss - Brady Bunch

The guys discuss current topics, movies and TV.

Later Betsy "Bitch" Weiss of the Rock Band Bitch calls in.

The guys also sit down with Brady Bunch actress Susan Olsen.

Later Buckler Brings it and the NETFLIX PICKS ARE IN!